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Weatherization in Greater New Orleans

If you want to make your home In Greater New Orleans more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool, Sunlight Contractors has an impressive arsenal of weatherizing products. Our weatherization services are designed to address energy weaknesses and improve your indoor air quality and overall home comfort.

A Variety of Weatherization Services

The highly trained weatherization installers and technicians at Sunlight Contractors can transform an uncomfortable, energy-wasting house into a comfortable, energy-efficient "green" home. We offer a variety of weatherization services including:
  • Complete whole-house insulation upgrades
  • Seal leaky ductwork
  • Weatherstrip windows and exterior doors
  • Air seal around interior trim
  • Air seal electrical outlets
  • Seal & insulate basement rim joists
  • Air seal recessed lights
  • Complete attic air sealing
  • Replacement windows & exterior doors

If you have high utility bills or rooms in your home become too hot or too cold at certain times of the year,  you many need home weatherization. Call Sunlight Contractors today for affordable and expert weatherization improvements.


This Slidell home has an airtight seal now!

Manny Bautista of Slidell, Louisiana chose the SPFA-certified pros at Sunlight Contractors to air seal his attic with open cell spray foam insulation.