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Floor Insulation in Greater New Orleans

Are you tired of waking up to cold floors? Sunlight Contractors, serving Greater New Orleans, offers insulation services to keep your ground from losing heat to the basement or crawlspace - and seal air leaks, too. Existing insulation (if there is any) is often inadequate or improperly installed beneath the floor boards. Insulating the floors in your home will reduce drafts and help you save each year on energy costs! Sunlight Contractors provides professional floor insulation services to homeowners throughout Greater New Orleans that will make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills.

One-Stop Insulation Shopping

Sunlight Contractors doesn't rely on one insulation product to solve all the energy loss problems associated within your home. Instead, we tailor our solutions to your home and the way it was built. At Sunlight Contractors, we have the training and the specialized equipment to install various types of insulation from spray foam, cellulose (including dense-pack techniques), fiberglass, mineral wool, rigid foam board, and more. Contact us today in Greater New Orleans for your free cost estimate.


This Slidell home has an airtight seal now!

Manny Bautista of Slidell, Louisiana chose the SPFA-certified pros at Sunlight Contractors to air seal his attic with open cell spray foam insulation.